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You’ve finally decided!

This is the year to get your eCommerce business started, and you’re ready to roll! But where do you start? There are so many platforms. It's mind-blowing!  But don’t fret, my pet, I’m here to take you through one of the leading eCommerce solutions, Shopify.

Let’s go through the low down of what it’s all about, how to use and set it up, and I’ll end with my personal view on it. You Ready? Simply put, Shopify is a web application that allows you to create an online website shop to sell either physical or digital products. 

How does Shopify Work?

1. Sign Up

Visit and use the signup form to create an account where you will fill in your contact number, address, country, and type of product you will sell.

2. Set up your Online Shop 

After you sign up, you will see your store admin screen. At this point, you shall start customising your store with a theme, uploading products, and setting up payment and shipping. 

3. Edit Shopify Settings 

Shopify has cool themes that are both free and payable. The three most popular ones are Thalia, Brooklyn, and Narrative.  On the navigation menu of your admin screen, click on themes.  You will see the  live theme box  on the top right. There will be two buttons; the first one has  necessary setting changes , allowing you to duplicate the theme. The second button is for  theme customisation; once you click it, it goes to a basic controlling functionality page. This feature allows you to try out all settings and test all components to see what your site can have. 

4. Adding Products to your Store 

On the left side of the navigation bar, click on products, then add a product will appear in the middle of the page. Click on it and add a description of your product as well as images. 

Once everything is filled out, click on Save the product(s).  And voila, your Shopify shop (tsk tsk) is ready!

Why Choose Shopify?

⦁ Easy to Use and Setup
⦁ Visually Appealing
⦁ Mobile Responsive
⦁ Secure and Reliable
⦁ Excellent Loading Speed
⦁ Powerful marketing tools
⦁ Great Customer Support
⦁ App Integrations like Amazon, Instagram

To sum up, Shopify is the best eCommerce  platform on the market today. It's also designed to help people build their scalable online store with hundreds of built-in features. It provides website management updates, customer communication, order fulfillment, and pricing. If you venture into the field of eCommerce, try out Shopify. Try it free for 14 days today, visit

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