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How to Choose Your Niche as a New Influencer

Instagram is the place to be for influencer marketing in 2021

It exceeded 1 billion daily users in June 2020 and is rapidly moving to a second billion.   If you are ready to jump in the Instagram train, you must have a niche (a specialised segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service). Ok, got that?

But how do you choose a niche? The answer depends on your skills and interests.  Choosing a niche requires time and planning to save you from future frustration. So, if you intend to stand out from the crowd, read on!

Steps to Choose a Niche:

Let's start with pen and paper (back to basics) and write down an honest list of all the things that interest you. Also include those topics that best that suit you or those that you want to grow into more. You will most probably find that your range of interests is enormous. Do not worry so much about it. We'll narrow down the options you've thought of later on. Trust me, this works.

Now, pay attention to the following explanation.

Use the Golden Triangle:

The Golden Triangle visual drawing will help you to organise your niche ideas. Each point of the triangle represents one of the main criteria you want your niche ideas to meet. Begin by drawing three vertical rows on a page and title them as follows:

Knowledgeable: Looking at the list, you have written, ask yourself which ones are you personally knowledgeable about or that you have personal experience with. Perhaps they are things you studied or experienced. Ideally, you are looking for at least some understanding of the industry your niche falls under and are aware of the innovations and hot topics within that niche—for example, sports, fashion, or photography.

Interested: In the next column, write those ideas you are sincerely interested in and enjoy. If you choose those you don't really like, you will not find the motivation to live, breathe, and dream that niche for the next few months. 

Needed: In the last row, take the ideas through a needs analysis. Do your friends, neighbors, and colleagues need to hear of that topic? Investigate a few Instagram channels with the ideas that fall into the two criteria. Is there potential to do better in that space? Think of also what you need to know in that niche. Is there anyone doing the same?

After you place the ideas under the 3 triangle criteria, circle in blue pen those niche ideas that meet two of the criterion and then highlight all the niche ideas that meet all three criteria. These are your Golden Niche Ideas and will most probably take off on Instagram. 

A last word of caution, don't get caught up looking for that "perfect" niche market for days on end. Choose one golden niche and run with it! Your influencer dream is an Instagram registration away.

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