Krizy See

E-Commerce For Small Businesses

Few things make life sweeter than shopping online through eCommerce. Imagine this (cue dramatic drum rolls), your business brand, head to head, with the heavyweight champion, big businesses. TING! TING! TING! Don’t underestimate the power of a creative website alongside a smooth customer shopping cart experience. E-commerce is a multibillion-dollar industry. Yes, you read that right. Two important aspects to note about this industry:

1. It's an ever-growing industry.
2. The rise of digital device usage by consumers is at an all-time high.

When ordering a taxi, what do you mostly use? When paying for shopping other than your credit/debit card, what would you alternatively use? Exactly. Let’s take a break for a minute. Look outside your window and look at the sky. Do you see that? That’s the limit for your business with having integrated e-commerce into its operations. And oh, there is more. Here are some tips on how best you can make use of e-commerce in your business.

1. A Picture will always be worth a thousand words. 

Your website ought to appeal to visitors. No excuses! Web designers are as many as paparazzi where Britney Spears is. Regardless of how small/big your business is, you can always get an enchanting visual appeal. Using high-quality photos is a great selling point for your small business, especially when e-commerce is involved.

2. Make a user-friendly website interface your best friend.

Your website’s navigation throughout the shopping process should be smooth. Ensure that your team members or volunteers go through your website before launching and catching the potential problem areas, and making corrections.

3. Encourage feedback.

Have a section on your website for positive customer testimonials. Blow your own horn. Consumers are more motivated to purchase when they see previous customers’ reviews of their positive experience.   

4. Refunds

I highly encourage making refunds and guarantees/warranties available for every customer. About 95% of your competitors offer refunds, and it makes the shopping experience stress free.

5. Rewards

Discounts, as well as loyalty customer promotions- these are as important as your Wi-Fi password. A great example of a fair offer could be 2-for-1 special deals for returning customers. 

6. Smooth Customer Shopping Experience

Every stage of the customer shopping experience should include customer support. A help button offering immediate help is recommended to keep the customer shopping even as they encounter a problem. 

7. NO Surprise Costs

Never sneak up a new cost to purchasers. This one will earn you a proper Muhammad Ali knock out. Surveys report that many consumers abandon shopping carts when an unexpected “surprise” cost pops up before check out. Be upfront from the very start.

8. K.I.S.S

Keep it short & simple. Even if you’ve lost the key to your apartment, guess what, simplicity is key! Okay, that was quite dry, but I tried. Customers leave an e-commerce platform that’s hard to use. The ease of operation and user design is success.

Remember, e-commerce is here to stay, so get on board starting today!

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