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3 Ways To Develop Your Brand

Oh boy. You are probably on your 4th series on Netflix, aren’t you? Now that you’ve finished all your chips and soda, why don’t we try to do something different? Here’s a great idea- Let’s talk about building your brand. I mean, going through ways to make your brand is not just a good idea, but a GREAT one!

Okay, Netflix series binger, let’s get down to business.

What’s the big deal with building your brand? Well, let’s say a massive amount of zeros in your bank account? Okay, there’s more to it. Building your brand exposes you to an imaginable amount of opportunities. Connecting with your audience involves telling both sides of your story (the wins and loses- stop thinking of Manchester United, stay focused, please). Doing so will open up the floor to trust and confidence between your brand and potential/existing customers. 

But do you even need a personal brand? Isn’t being rich more than enough? Well, not really. Without a personal brand, regardless of how much money you possess in your bank account, picking up the phone and asking to work with someone like Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos wouldn’t be as smooth as you think. Developing a personal brand is a must-do if you want to make big things happen.

Okay, you know that I have your attention. What are the three ways you can develop your brand? I’m glad you asked. Remember these three things, Authority, Results, and Trust. Now let’s dig in! 

1. Authority

As birds of the same feather flock together, experts work with fellow experts. Show your expertise by first creating a simple website through Wix or WordPress. A simple landing page with necessary information about your brand and your products/services is good enough. 

So that’s all I need? A website, and I can start calling Richard Branson? Pause right there. We’ve got two more seasons to finish. Aside from your website, you’ll need to produce content that establishes you as an expert. This can be written articles, podcast interviews, or video onto your social media sites to get your name in front of your audience as an expert. The key is to be consistent and show what value your brand adds to your audience. 

2. Results

Showcase your achievements and give your audience proof of the results of working with you. For example, you get a stress free chilled lifestyle, radical weight loss if you are a trainer, and more. Increased sales or gaining thousands of followers should not be the prime point of your results. 

3. Trust 

Honesty is the policy. No exaggerating/covering of dirty patches. Don’t be afraid to showcase your not-so-good moments and golden moments. Would my audience want to know about my struggles? Absolutely! This is what builds trust & confidence towards your brand. And yes, there will be haters, but don’t worry.

Has this inspired you to get started? Sure hope so! Be brave, my friend!

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